links to international cinema sites by edward ginger

National Film and Sound Archive. Australia.

Cinemedia Film culture organisation. Australia.

Andrew Urban's Urbancinefile. Entertainment database. Australia.

Satyajit Ray   Outstanding film maker from India.

The Internet Movie Database. USA.

Michael Rogge
Collecting Cinematographica    Netherlands.

German Cinema.

Korea Film Net.

Chinese Cinema Page by Shelly Kraicer.

Werner Herzog. German Film Maker.

The Pantheon. Meeting with overlooked masters of international cinema.

Cinema Brazil.

Wayney’s Movie World
Surreal & Cult Films




Film India  Information about Indian   Cinema.

 Tin Drum. Walker Schlondorff.

 Women in Cinema.

 Three Colours red. Kieslowski.

 Rainer Werner Fassbinder. New German Cinema.

 Federico Fellini.

 One Hundred Years Of Japanese Cinema.

 Michaelangelo Antonioni. Films, Information about sound tracks,   short films.

 Stanley Kubrick- The Master Film maker.

 Stanley Kubrick- FILMS.

 Sexual  or Erotic films.  

 Leni Riefenstahl. Olympiad.

 Leni Riefenstahl. Various web sites.  Kaela, Who is who, The White Hell of Pitz Palu

Leni Riefenstahl. website which looks at various aspect of her cinema career by

 Luis Bunuel.

 Latin American Cinema Home Page. Emory University. Atlanta.

 LANIC. Latin American Cinema, Video and Film Resources.

 Cine Argentino E Iberoamericano. Argentina.

 Film Transit International. Cinema Catalogue.

 Akira Kurosawa. Nobugi Tamaura site.Interview by Fred Marshall.

Filmworld. European film portal and online store for hard to find international videos.

 Polynesie - Uri Poto Production. Cinema - French Polynesia.

Cinema Sri Lanka
presented by Asian Films Centre


Please e-mail URLS for listing. websites must have some connection with arthouse films.

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