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about my work


1989 -1997

My recent work which I think of as re-invented spiritual images that embody an imagined global mysticism, consist of approximately fifty 3D and 2D art works. The 3D works are in a variety of materials including wood and metal. The 2D works are on paper, board and canvas.

These works have developed from a personal aesthetic shaped by my earliest perceptions of art distilled through my own experience of life and art over time. In my earliest years, I have witnessed a form of art making, located in a frame work of an Eastern culture, which had a spiritual dynamic expressive of intense emotional states as well as concept of tribal identity, religious belief and relationship with the universe. This art was electrified in my imagination by an additional dimension of oral tales and narratives which had been passed on for generations and created the context in which the art emerged.

As a modern artist working in an increasingly technological age, my art mediates between past and present, ancient and modern, enacting a dialogue as well as a confrontation between two. My images traverse a range from totemistic to the celestial. They are designed to penetrate to a deeper layer of an ageless universal unconscious that lies beneath the contemporary conscious of mind.


My main aim is to create a visual catalyst, which is   in the form of spatial arrangements of mass inter-played with colour, conceptually linking the urban life with non-urban environment.



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