Following interview was given to Victorian VCE students who undertake art as part of their study programme. If you think, these are the answers you are looking for, you are welcome to use them. If you require further information please e-mail your questions.


Studio form the Artist is working in?

Sculpture, Printmaking, Painting, Mixed Media Work and Digital Art

Previous experience for eg., TAFE/Qualifications?

Diploma in Sculpture ( 5 years of full time studies ) College of Fine Arts, Sri Lanka , BA in Fine Art Hons. RMIT. Graduate Diploma of Education (Art and Technology).University of Melbourne.

Industrial experience

In my early years of career I worked, as a film set designer. The works involved were set building, painting of scenery, sculpture works.

How long have you been in the business?

About 20 years.

How do you advertise/promote business?

Art making is not a business. It is a way of life.  However, when art works are ready for an exhibition, I have to approach local and major newspapers, radio and TV stations through media releases. Sometimes you are lucky to get a write-up in a major newspaper. I also send invitations to people who are in my mailing list. The newest medium is the INTERNET. I promote my work via a web site. 

What do you use to protect art work? What chemicals do they use?

Outdoor art works are protected with specially made paints. Indoor ones are protected with paint and sealers. I try not to use too many chemicals.

Do you have a Firm or how is your work sold?

I used to have an agent who sold my work. A gallery also found patrons for me. Through word of mouth you create a small market for your work.

Do they (Artists’) have a Mission Statement or a Charter?

I do have a philosophy which guides me through and you can call it a self made charter. The philosophy is to bring forward values of the past to counter the values of the present time. 

What advise would you recommend to inspiring students wanting to go into the same direction?

You have to be self motivated and disciplined. You also should be able handle rough times since the Australian society is still culturally immature and the artists are not well looked after. You may find it hard to sell and obtain a living off your work. (Please don’t get discouraged). Most artists are often creating art for future generations and not for the present one because of this artists are often recognised after his or her death.

Have you had any recent exhibitions?

The last exhibition was in 1992 at Mornington Peninsula Art Centre. I do display my work in The Internet .

Acknowledgments with your Art Making?

I have won a number of major competitions and criticisms and acknowledgments were published by various art writers.

Is technology part of your work, i.e., Laser Printing, Computer generated?

Yes. I spend a lot of time at the computer doing digital art and publishing. I also do Commercial graphic work.

Updated 1 Oct. 2004

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