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Following interviews were given to Australian as well as overseas students who undertake art as part of their study programme. If you think, these are the answers you are looking for, you are welcome to use them. If you require further information please
e-mail your questions.




Hi Ed, my name is --------- and I'm a student at Pratt Institute in NY.. I wanted to ask you a few questions for a project. I had to chose an artist (sculptor) that I find interesting and then immitate one of his works ( not copy... just immitate.. so people could say.. "hey edward ginger did that!" I chose you!! I find your art work very interesting and pleasing to look at! I have to write a paper to explain why your work looks the way that it does and things like that.. so if you could respond answering these q's that would be sooo great!! Thanks!

1. What influences you to create your sculptures?
2. Where are you from?
3.Any goals pertaining to your art?
4. What are your favorite works of your own art?
5. Has your life/environment influenced you in any way??
6. Where do you like to do your art work?
7. What do you think makes you a great artist?
If you could answer these questions I will be the luckiest person
in the WORLD!!! thank you again!! - ------name






1. What influences you to create your sculpture?

Life. Values and belief system it creates. This comes to
person's spiritual beliefs, person's relationship with the
universe and how he expresses these. Often art is used as a
vehicle for this type of expression since prehistoric times.
These are the driving force behind my art making. I like the
colour, embedded metaphysical energy, power which is
conceived in the mind of a
person when he encounters religious icons or sacred object. I
am trying to revisit above issues through the art work I create.

2. Where are you from?

I am calling myself a nomad. I was born in to an European family
which settled in then British colony, around 1800. Ceylon (Sri
Lanka) which is geographically located below Indian
subcontinent. Now I live in Australia for last 25 years.

3.Any goals pertaining to your art?

My goal is to produce a large body of works but there are
minor goals as well.

4. What are your favourite works of your own art?

I do not have a favourite piece. I did all my work thinking that they
were important. When you produce art works, the process and the
experience you go through become history. The enjoyment is very
temporary. Generally speaking I am happy with my work although I am
unable to say this is my favourite.

5. Has your life/environment influenced you in any way?

Absolutely. My childhood in an Asian culture and its environment really
had a great impact on my art. It really added an accent to artistic dialogue
which I have been forming.

6. Where do you like to do your art work?

Personally I do like to work in a remote place. I do not like very busy cities.
When we speak about a country, I prefer to work in an environment where
some cultural maturity is present. Australia does not have enough cultural
maturity to manage or appreciate it's cultural wealth inherited from it's
immigrant or local artists.

7. What do you think makes you a great artist?

I am a very small player in the world of art. I have to do a lot of work to
make myself great and at the end I might not be one. Anyway it is not a

Hope these answers are going to help you and you are welcomed to
produce any piece which may appeal to you.


Edward Ginger

Updated 12 Nov 1999

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