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Following interviews were given to Australian as well as overseas students who undertake art as part of their study programme. If you think, these are the answers you are looking for, you are welcome to use them. If you require further information please e-mail your questions.


Dear Mr. Edward Ginger,

Hello my name is --------- and I am an art student at Lauriston Girls School.
I am researching your Melbourne based sculpture " The Echo" for my exam andI would like to know a few details about it if it were possible.

* I would like to know what inspired you to create it?
* What it is made of?
* How you made it?
* How long did it take?
* What tool where used in the process?
* Thankyou very much for your time.

You can email me back on

Thankyou very much again,
Yours truly


Thanks for your e-mail. I have answered all your questions and if you need more information please visit my web site and look in to various relevant pages. If you stillneed more details please contact me again.

website: http://ginger.alphalink.com.au

Good luck

Edward Ginger


I would like to know what inspired you to create it?

When I entered the sculpture competition for Swanston Walk in 1992, I was researching and doing a sculpture series called "Totems from a global village". "The Echo" was part of that series.
"Totems from a global village" series was inspired by arts which associated with man's( or woman's) spiritual beliefs regardless the race or culture. I drew reference for this series from tribal art, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu as well as Islamic arts. There was also reference to ancient architecture from Asian region. My upbringing in Sri Lanka
really provided me with a lot of visual resources for "The Echo".

What it is made of?

The Echo is made of steel and then painted with polyurethane colour.

How you made it?

First I made a small scale model of it called maquette. Then I had t consult a structural engineer to get advice to find right materials and a way to build it to withstand wind, weight of people etc. Then I had to hire steel fabricators to do welding work and making the forms and the shapes of the sculpture.

How long did it take?

The building process took about 6 months.

What tool where used in the process?

Arc and mig welders. Hydraulic bending machines, grinders, cutters, fork lifts cranes,and spray machines.

good luck

Edward Ginger

Updated 12 Nov 1999

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